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iqs expands CAQ software

The new version 9 of the iqs CAQ system holds an important new module for processing the special characteristics and complements the iqs FMEA with interesting features.

The new iqs BM (Special Characteristics) module supports companies in identifying, classifying and documenting critical characteristics and thus helps to evaluate risks in the process flow and make processes safe. In doing so, the cross-module CAD integration enables the greatest possible flexibility: access to requirements, stamped drawings and lists of characteristics, which can be marked with the help of the software with regard to specifications and customer requirements and enable a defined process flow. Companies using iqs BM for their quality management can use it to create company-specific question catalogs, document manufacturing processes and establish classification rules. The final classification of characteristics is recorded in a table. The new module is of course integrated into iqs Measures Management. Thanks to the intelligent interlocking, tasks in the classification environment can be processed and managed securely and efficiently.

The iqs FMEA has been optimized in the new version 9 with improved moderation support. The click route through the FMEA is now visible and navigating back is possible at any time. With the help of a new object search, special filters can be saved, which can be used, among other things, to ease the operating flow in the fault and function network. Other extras: Measures can be directly assigned from the view window and evaluated according to various criteria and combined with risk indicators. With the new multiple object editing function, texts and field contents can be adjusted quickly and easily. Another plus point in terms of user-friendliness is that multilingual fields can now be edited in parallel. In addition, the editing progress for individual elements of the FMEA can be measured and evaluated.

New functions in iqs FMEA are also available for the building blocks. Attributes of inherited elements can now be edited and released. The benefit here: A better overview of all variants and deviations from the building block. Last but not least, APQP elements and complaints can be linked in the revised design FMEA.

The iqs CAQ system reliably supports our customers in every phase of product creation, simplifying work processes consistently and interactively throughout the entire supply chain. Complex projects can be processed in a structured and consistent manner in iqs APQP and their elements can be linked to D-FMEA, P-FMEA and initial sampling. All documents can be managed in an audit-proof manner in the "iqs Document Center".

At this year's Control from May 3 - 6 in Stuttgart (Hall 8, Booth 8208), iqs Software GmbH will present these new features and other highlights.

For more information on Control 2022 and to register for your personal meeting, please click here.

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